AV-1 Overview and Summary TOP
ChatBot AV-1 DV
Capability Process Map TOP
2030 Census CPMD DV
DoDAF 20 CV-2 Capability Taxonomy TOP
2030 Census CV-2 DV
CV-2 Call Center Ops
DoDAF 20 CV-3 Capability Phasing TOP
2030 Census CV-3 DV
DoDAF 20 CV-6 Capability to Operational Activities Mapping TOP
2030 Census CV-6f DV
CV-6 Call Center Operations
DoDAF 20 CV-7 Capability to Services Mapping TOP
CV-7 Call Center Operations
DoDAF 20 DIV-1 Conceptual Data Model TOP
2030 Census DIV-1.f DV
DIV-1 Call Center Operations
DoDAF 20 OV-2 Operational Resource Flow Description TOP
OV-2a Call Center Operations
DoDAF 20 OV-4 Organisational Relationship Chart TOP
2030 Census OV-4 DV
DoDAF 20 OV-5a Operational Activity Decomposition Tree TOP
OV-5a Call Center Operations
DoDAF 20 SV-1 Systems Interface Description TOP
Agent Desktop SV-1
External Interfaces SV-1 DV
Humanify SV-1
Service Manager SV-1
DoDAF 20 SV-3 Systems-Systems Matrix TOP
2030 Census SV-3.f DV
DoDAF 20 SV-4 Systems Functionality Description EPC TOP
Humanify SV-4 DV
DoDAF 20 SV-5b Operational Activity to Systems Traceability Matrix TOP
2030 Census SV-5b.f DV
DoDAF 20 SV-6 Systems Resource Flow Matrix TOP
Humanify SV-6 DV
E2E Hierarchy TOP
N2F L3
Notify to Fulfill
Matrix model TOP
2030 Census OV-2.f DV
2030 Census OV-6a DV
2030 Census StdV-1 DV
IAM Call Center Operations
OV-3a Information Exchange Catalog TOP
OV3-a Call Center Operations
OV-6c Event Trace Description TOP
2030 Census OV-6c DV
OV-6c Call Center Staffing
Process Context Model TOP
N2F.02.03 Perform Call Center Operations
Structuring model TOP
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